Retrospect: OCPI Round Table

On 20 April, various parties involved in the development of OCPI exchanged ideas and presented use cases during a virtual Round Table. The event was initiated by ENIO, Austrian partner of evRoaming4EU.

ENIO summarized some of the insights that emerged during the event:

Scientific view: Roaming protocols and interoperability

  • Standards allow interoperability, economies of scale, less duplication, lower prices, prevent switching costs, reduce lock-in or supplier dependence;
  • Four Roaming Protocols widely used in Europe (OCHP, OICP, eMIP, OCPI);
  • Six scenarios have been identified to achieve interoperability;
  • Experts expecting a hybrid system (hub/ peer-2-peer);
  • Truly open standard improves a fit in given regulatory landscapes.

OCPI experiences and lessons learned

  • OCPI advantages: stable system, high cost efficiency, peer2peer and hub, low operating costs, scope of functionality, high POI quality, new use cases via custom models, reduce of data loss, reduce data misinterpretations, data speed up, additional data, high monitoring data quality;
  • OCPI challenge next version: ISO 15118 (plug & charge), Smart Charging business models, cybersecurity, price transparency and availability, National Access Points, charging for commercial vehicles, standardization and efficiency in order to scale up.

To guarantee roaming according to open standards we now introduce the new EVRoaming Foundation. On Thursday, 28 May we will share the results and insights from this two-year research during a webinar. We introduce the new EVRoaming Foundation and present a roadmap of recommendations for the future: which topics need to be tackled in the coming years to speed up cross border charging.