Official release OCPI version 2.2

We are proud to announce the official release of OCPI version 2.2. This OCPI release contains all basic functionalities like tariff, CDR and token exchange, session information and remote tools with following additions and improvements:
• Support for Hubs
o Message routing headers;
o Hub Client Info
• Charging Profiles for Smart Charging;
• Improvements:
o CDRs: Credit CDRs, VAT, Session_id, CdrLocation, CdrToken;
o CDRs: Tariff types, Min/Max price, reservation tariff, much more examples
o Sessions: VAT, CdrToken;
o Locations: Multiple Tariffs, lots of small improvements
o Tokens: Group_id, energy contract
o Commands: Cancel Reservation added

This new version is now available as download at the OCPI website. Version 2.2 is a next step towards version 3.0, which is expected mid 2019.