Introduction OCPI Management Board

Collaboration to set up formal OCPI Management Organization

NKL proudly introduces the first OCPI Management Board. In the coming 12 months, this transformation board will work together to create a formal management organization and guidelines to ensure the professional development of the OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface) protocol for EV roaming. After this initial phase, a new board will be elected in 2019. The collaboration was confirmed in a Letter-of-Intent which was signed by all parties in Amsterdam this month.

European partners share common ambition
The new board is represented by the following members: Allego, E.ON, EVBox, Freshmile, GIREVE, Plugsurfing and initiator NKL (the Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Charging Infrastructure). These European partners have committed to contributing their expertise to this initiative, based on their experience and broad knowledge in E-mobility. They share the common goal to accelerate EV roaming in a sustainable manner by making use of the independent open protocol OCPI. This is an essential part of the roll-out of electric transport in Europe and in creating a single market for EV drivers and services.

Support and promote independent OCPI protocol
The OCPI Management Board will support and promote the OCPI protocol as the preferred roaming protocol for both peer-to-peer as well as peer-to-platform communications. Focus in the coming months will be on developing a management organization and membership structure, and in parallel on developing a legal framework for participants and implementers to assure that OCPI remains royalty-free. This will guarantee broad usage and coordinated development of the protocol and increase the rollout of roaming services and cross-border charging. This initiative is part of the project evRoaming4EU.

About OCPI
OCPI started in 2014 as a broad market initiative and builds on a committed community of leading EV companies. OCPI development is co-funded by the projects evRoaming4EU and ECISS, which receive EU and NL subsidies. These projects are coordinated by NKL. Activities and decisions regarding the development of OCPI and its management organization will be in line with objectives and conditions as set out in these projects.

All parties that are interested to contribute to OCPI developments or make use of the protocol for their services, are invited to get in touch.

Picture from left to right: Elbert Lievense (E.ON), Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer (E.ON), Arnaud Mora (Freshmile), Kor Meelker (Allego), Onno Ceelen (EVBox), Roland Ferwerda (NKL), Michel Bayings (NKL), Jean-Marc Rives (GIREVE), Jacob van Zonneveld (Plugsurfing).