Building the largest knowledge base on charging EV

The Future of Charging platform has been expanded considerably. Here you can find the latest insights from researchers involved in electric transport and charging infrastructure. This makes it the largest knowledge base on charging electric vehicles in the world. The collected knowledge supports an efficient, customer-oriented and fast roll-out of charging infrastructure.

Many of the published studies were presented during the Future of Charging Symposium 2019. Scientists, governments and market parties came together to exchange insights and experiences. The presentations from the symposium can also also be viewed on the platform.

The English-language platform is divided into six themes:

  • General trends
  • Customizing charging solutions
  • Smart charging, smart societies
  • City policy and urban logistics
  • Simulation models
  • Innovative technology

Updates and comments
Developments in electric transport and charging infrastructure are progressing rapidly. This is why new studies are regularly added to this site. In addition, reactions can be read from governments and market parties who have applied the scientific insights in practice.

Would you like to respond to research on the site or share your own research results? Let us know.